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Speech & Language Therapy

Speech-Language Communications is a small business based in St. Louis, MO that offers speech and language therapy to children of all ages. I was hired to not only redesign their website and make it responsive, but there was a need to make information about the business and their process more clear. They wanted the website to be good guide of how things work so potential client’s questions could be easily answered.

SERVICES: Research & Discovery, UX/UI Design Strategy, Web Design, Webflow Development
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Work Project - Speech-Language Communications

Clearing the way for parents in need

Speech-Language Communications primary goals for the website was to help prospective clients make the choice to use them vs. competition, for the site to be a overall good guide in deciding to choose a tutor, and to get parents to set-up an initial consultation. To get the design to reach these goals in a clear manner, I created a Persona and a User Journey Map to help better understand the target audience that would be using the site. I worked one-on-one with the client to create the content and overall site plan. The final site was developed using Webflow.

Work - Speech-Language Communication responsive website
Work - Speech-Language Communication website homepage
Work - Speech-Language Communication Target Persona
Work - Speech-Language Communication user journey
Work - Speech-Language Communication speech bubble illustrationWork - Speech-Language Communication website laptop mockup
Work - Speech-Language Communication website desktop mockup